A Few Views of the ~Ladies’ Pleasure~ Cleveland Bay

Ladies' Pleasure-ClevelandBayin Ebony-1 Ladies' Pleasure-ClevelandBayin Ebony-2 Ladies' Pleasure-ClevelandBayin Ebony-3 Ladies' Pleasure-ClevelandBayin Ebony-4

The ~LP~ horse avatar – Cleveland Bay, in the Ebony coat with rigged feathers, mane, docked tail.

Shown at the canter and training her rider.

This new horse avatar is completely original work created in Blender and Photoshop. Art direction & project management by HoneyHeart Resident, mesh modeling by Emmalette Resident, animations by Cherry Lastchance, skins, sounds and textures by H0neyHeart Resident, scripting by H0neyHeart Resident and Zaphod Plutonian, and subject matter expertise from the team’s many decades of equestrian experience – breeding, showing, riding, training.

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