For Those Who Like to Be FIRST…

LPHorseYou know who you are…you are the one who is the first on the block with all the new toys, who wants to come in first in all things you do.

If you are ‘like that’, then read on for details about our special ‘First Founders’ offer for our NEW, original ~LP~ mesh horse avatars.

Five First Founders will be allowed to purchase our breed horse avatars up to 3 days before the general release of the avatar for sale. First Founders will pay a VIP membership fee of $3,000L, which entitles them to purchase the horse at its regular cost up to 3 days before the general release.

First Founders will be added to the special in-world group, ~LP~ VIPs.  We will announce on that group when and where they may purchase the actual avatar and a landmark will be provided to the VIP group members.  First Founders will receive a special plaque commemorating their purchase Number (1-5) for each breed they purchase and they will be listed on our web site as ‘Foundation Stock’.

First Founders may purchase one or both of our initial horse breeds (Arabian,Cleveland Bay) and if they stay in the group they will qualify to advance purchase our forthcoming additional breeds (Quarter Horse, Lippizanner).  In addition, as members of our VIP group, First Founders will receive occasional gifts and advance sales opportunities throughout the year.

We know many people will want to be First Founders. To make it as fair as possible and let a global audience participate, we will open the First Founders registration form at 9 am SLT on Saturday, November 14th. The first five registrants will be accepted as First Founders, with an additional five registrants as alternates. We are providing this very early information so you may mark your calendars and register for this opportunity.

Watch this space for more details about the new ~LP~ horse breed avatars, including pricing, features and more.

If, for whatever reason, you cannot enter Cherry Island then you are NOT ELIGIBLE to be a First Founder.

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