A Matter of Proportion


The original reference picture of a Cleveland Bay. He’s standing a little downhill and he’s pretty cresty, but he was a good starting point.


From there, it all famously, ‘starts with a cube’.  Original mesh starts with a basic mesh form in a 3D modeling program. In our case, started with a cube. The progression of the Cleveland Bay is shown above, finishing with the final model with a skin.

After months of work, we show our final model superimposed over the original Cleveland Bay reference picture. Pretty darned close!  The proportions are accurate and correct, and the head is spot on.


Comparing the ~LP~ Cleveland Bay and Arabian RealHorse™ avatars to existing horse avatars, they’re all about the same height at the withers (15.2 hands). The proportions are very different, as can be seen from the picture shown below of actual size models.  The ~LP~ RealHorse™ has correct proportions between the length of its leg, head, neck and body.



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