Get ALLLLL the Stuff!

Snapshot _ Angel Manor Gardens

The new ~LP~ RealHorse avatar comes with a full line of rigged mesh accessories, sold separately.

Choose from a range of saddles including rigged English or side saddles in a choice of colors; carriage harnesses; Snaffle, Pelham and Double bridles; and carriages and sleighs with built-in shafts/poles & breeching.

Additional AOs and animation suites are available, including Western, Dressage, and Harness AOs; sidesaddle and dressage riding systems (with original, synced rider animations). Also, for the natural horse RPers, gestational sets (conception to parturition and nursing) including mesh models with a special surprise inside; 20 different coat options; rigged mesh manes; animated hobbles and nosebags; licking tongue; rigged whiskers & leg feathers; a birthing animation set; semi-custom and full custom coat service; and oh, so much more.

Snapshot _ Angel Manor Gardens _ Angel Manor Gardens, Angel M

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