Top 10 Reasons To Get a RealHorse


Reason #10: People actually want to ride RealHorses.

Reason #9: People walk up to you and ask to ride you.


Reason #8: You look and act like a real horse.

Reason #7: Beautiful, smooth flowing animations make you poetry in motion.

Reason #6: People ask you to perform at their events.

Reason #5: You’ll look like the high-end performance horse you always wanted to be.

Reason #4: The RealHorse is easier to jump and people want to take you jumping.


Reason #3: Carriages with multiple hitches are amazing to see.

Reason #2: Accessories, accessories, accessories.

And the number one reason: The RealHorse is almost too much fun to be legal.

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons To Get a RealHorse

  1. If you ever wanted to ride a horse RL or used to ride and can’t for some reason anymore, this is as close to the real thing as you can get! I have bred, shown and ridden Arabians and many other breeds through my life and nothing in SL comes close to the realism of the gaits and looks of these. They are simply amazing! When we first saw them my sis and I were both -blown away- and since the release I can tell you, you won’t hardly find us OFF of them! Thank you Honey and crew for doing such an awesome job on these and giving many of us back something we didn’t think we’d be able to experience again. I’m in love!

  2. Stunning Stunning Stunning! I can not believe how realistic the feel and look of these horses are and the rider stays in the correct position even through the jumps! I can’t wait to see them hitched up looks like a blast! You will see me at the shows for sure. Congrats on an amazing avatar and riding system and huge thanks for rejuvenating the SL experience for all that want to be involved KUDOS!

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