About Horse Show World


Horse Show World has been designed to emulate a world-class horse show experience, in Second Life, with a focus on competition.

All are welcome to visit Horse Show World, however, our equestrian facilities are designed to showcase the ~Ladies’ Pleasure~ RealHorse™ horse breed avatars, and only the RealHorse may compete in our formal competitions.

Facilities at Horse Show World are designed to enhance our show and race activities. Competition facilities include a stadium, show barn, race track, management office, talent paddock, and more.  The Management Office is where it all starts: Learn more about our teams, including our dressage and harness teams, competitions and events; check-in your horse with the show vet; or use the teleporters to reach your personal VIP box.

Our day/evening stadium includes VIP boxes, digital scoring, and day and evening lighting for Dressage, Stadium Jumping, Halter and Under Saddle competitions.  Our show barn includes 31 show stalls, an indoor riding arena, wash rack and treadmill, as well as a hot walker and trainer facilities immediately adjacent.

Our 9-gate race track includes options for trotting & pacing harness, flat (horse & pony) and steeplechase racing on a non-traditional, full region track.  The talent paddock allows a limited number of serious equine competitors the opportunity to offer themselves to potential riders, trainers or owners.

Additional facilities include vendor tents; ‘The Winner’s Circle’; and other areas of interest.

While Horse Show World is not a roleplay sim, those who enjoy roleplay may certainly do so; just understand that not everyone in the region may be interested in playing along.

Horse Show World has been created for the express purpose of providing the RealHorse™ with the ultimate in horse show experiences in Second Life.

December RealHorse Invitational Winners, December 27, 2015

We are pleased to announce the winners of the December RealHorse™ Invitational, held Sunday December 27, 2015.


In first place Jake ridden by Jessa Alberti with 107.244400 seconds


In second place Snow ridden by Lucien Repine with 112.950100


In Third place Dukeshowdown  ridden by Neris Damien with 114.474200 seconds


In Fourth Place Babieca with 117.321700


In Fifth Place Safiro ridden by REbel with 119.907100


In Sixth Place Sutra Royal with 23.129400 seconds

Congratulations to horses and riders:
Annie Benett ridden by Penelope Wellington with 129.953500 seconds
Lara with  154.000 seconds
Teagan ridden by Erin Reyne with 182.437200 seconds

Introducing…Horse Show World by ~Ladies’ Pleasure~

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We are pleased to announce the opening of our newest project, Horse Show World, at 1pm SLT on Sunday, December 27, 2015.

Horse Show World is a full region dedicated to the competitive show horses of Second Life, and includes facilities intended to help these quality athletes reach their highest form of expression.

Horse Show World features:

  • a full show barn with indoor practice arena, 31 show stalls, treadmill, and hot walker;
  • a day/evening stadium with full lighting and follow spots with accommodation for Dressage, Stadium Jumping, Halter and Under Saddle events;
  • full region track with 9-horse starting gate, with accommodation for pony and horse flat racing, steeplechase, and pacing and trotting harness racing;
  • equine talent paddock; and
  • show vet clinic.

All are welcome to visit, but competitions, events and activities are limited to participation by the ~LP~ RealHorse horse breed avatars. Please join us at 1 pm SLT, Sunday, December 27 as we open this very special facility to the competitive equine athletes of Second Life.

Horse Show World is produced by the creative team of ~Ladies’ Pleasure~ and is sponsored by Greko Thorne.


A Pony For Christmas


Just in time to slip this little guy or girl under your tree, we are pleased to announce the release of our most recent breed of horse, the Pony of the Americas mare and stallion avatars.

This 12 1/2 hand beauty includes all the full functionality and quality you expect from a ~Ladies’ Pleasure~ horse breed avatar, wrapped up in a little dynamic package!  You can ride and drive this avatar, just like the big boys and girls, only much, much cuter.

Available in our in-world store in Cherry Island as well as on the Marketplace.