New Today: The Rigged Fancy Assed Harness

Aptly named, this round collar show ring harness includes 100% original rigged mesh bridle & body harness with built-in half reins extending to the body harness turret and a set of unrigged HUD blinders. Lovingly created, this set features completely custom texture work, kidney drops, and a round collar with silver hames.

Available for the RealHorse™ Arabian, Cleveland Bay and Quarter Horse only. This harness will not fit any other make or model of horse. To purchase these sets, please click on the image and follow the link to the Marketplace. Buy before December 11 and receive FREE a breed set of our rigged mesh jingle bells (Red/Silver & Green/Silver) & jingle bell sounds.



4 thoughts on “New Today: The Rigged Fancy Assed Harness

  1. I know. Unfortunately, we have a massive backlog of goodies for this Quarter Horse and we need to start releasing those prior to the ‘blessed event’ or we will be swamped. And we have two breeds of ponies (Welsh Mountain Section A and Pony of the Americas) in the pipeline right behind the Quarter Horse so we need to manage that process 😉

    Ponies for Christmas! Yay!

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