Announcing the ~LP~ RealHorse Quarter Horse Avatars!


We are so pleased to announce the release of our newest breed of horse, the ~LP~ RealHorse ™ Quarter  Horse.

Follow these links to purchase the RealHorse™ Quarter Horse Stallion or the RealHorse™ Quarter Horse Mare.

The Quarter Horse is the ‘Appendix’ or racing style quarter horse. The Racing style quarter horse features sleek lines and less bulk than the Bulldog style Quarter Horse.


We have gone beyond the ‘just a horse’ model of horse avatars, and continue to change, tweak and add function to our RealHorse™ horse breed avatars.

For the Quarter Horse we have added the following features to the riding system and the Gesture HUD:

1. Added additional buttons & future functionality to Gesture HUD (Ear Clear, lay/roll buttons for those buying that add-on).
2. Made riding systems temp-rez and added in object rezzer script and scoring script to make riding systems plug and play with all of our jump courses, regardless of where they may be rezzed.
3. Added a riding system rezzer with our 15.2 riding system to the ‘Extras’.
4. Changed ear scripting to allow 1-touch ‘ear clear’ when wearing tack and attachments that interfere with ears.


Of course, these additional features have been added to our spectacular Cleveland Bay and Arabian horses and an update sent to those horse owners.

The RealHorse™ Quarter Horse is a mature product intended for a mature audience.  Both mare and stallion avatars are fully gendered and feature built-in gender characteristics as part of the mesh, so that the bodies move and flow smoothly.  The Quarter Horse comes with a full AO; a Gesture HUD with more than 60 animations plus sounds, including grazing sounds when it eats; fully functional genitals (RLV-enable and Master HUD controllable) that are designed to ‘work with each other’; 3 coats each with 13 marking options (Palomino, Chestnut and Piebald Tobiano); 3 rigged roached manes (white, sand and piebald) and 3 rigged flagging docked tails (white, sand, and piebald); rigged rope halter and 1/4 cooler blanket; riding system with synced rider/horse animations and synced sounds plus our special scoreboard scripting making it fully compatible with all of our jump courses; a riding system rezzer with a temp-on-rez RealHorse 15.s riding system; and full documentation covering all aspects of the horse.


The Quarter Horse is available both on the Marketplace and in our in-world Cherry Island store and features a large range of available accessories, with more being released every day.

Follow these links to purchase the RealHorse™ Quarter Horse Stallion or the RealHorse™ Quarter Horse Mare.


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