New Skinmakers for the ~LP~ RealHorse

We are pleased to welcome the follow skin makers to our list of officially authorized skin maker licensees:

Appy Bottoms


Carousel Coats

~_Carousel Coats_~ LOGO

Horsen’ Around

Horsen around Background 1

ZappedLogoRound (non-tranparent)

As well as 3rd party maker, Get Zapped! for RLV-enabled products including the Shape Shifter.

Our 3rd party makers may be found in our 3rd party boutique; to reach it, simply visit to our sim, Cherry Island and use the pink horse trailer to teleport to our 3rd party boutique.


2 thoughts on “New Skinmakers for the ~LP~ RealHorse

  1. I’d like for everyone to know that carousel coats makes custom coat textures now. They are 6k L but no one else will have your one of a kind coat. Drop a note card with refrence pics to ura eden flower

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