December RealHorse Invitational Winners, December 27, 2015

We are pleased to announce the winners of the December RealHorse™ Invitational, held Sunday December 27, 2015.


In first place Jake ridden by Jessa Alberti with 107.244400 seconds


In second place Snow ridden by Lucien Repine with 112.950100


In Third place Dukeshowdown  ridden by Neris Damien with 114.474200 seconds


In Fourth Place Babieca with 117.321700


In Fifth Place Safiro ridden by REbel with 119.907100


In Sixth Place Sutra Royal with 23.129400 seconds

Congratulations to horses and riders:
Annie Benett ridden by Penelope Wellington with 129.953500 seconds
Lara with  154.000 seconds
Teagan ridden by Erin Reyne with 182.437200 seconds

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