Introducing…Horse Show World by ~Ladies’ Pleasure~

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We are pleased to announce the opening of our newest project, Horse Show World, at 1pm SLT on Sunday, December 27, 2015.

Horse Show World is a full region dedicated to the competitive show horses of Second Life, and includes facilities intended to help these quality athletes reach their highest form of expression.

Horse Show World features:

  • a full show barn with indoor practice arena, 31 show stalls, treadmill, and hot walker;
  • a day/evening stadium with full lighting and follow spots with accommodation for Dressage, Stadium Jumping, Halter and Under Saddle events;
  • full region track with 9-horse starting gate, with accommodation for pony and horse flat racing, steeplechase, and pacing and trotting harness racing;
  • equine talent paddock; and
  • show vet clinic.

All are welcome to visit, but competitions, events and activities are limited to participation by the ~LP~ RealHorse horse breed avatars. Please join us at 1 pm SLT, Sunday, December 27 as we open this very special facility to the competitive equine athletes of Second Life.

Horse Show World is produced by the creative team of ~Ladies’ Pleasure~ and is sponsored by Greko Thorne.


One thought on “Introducing…Horse Show World by ~Ladies’ Pleasure~

  1. I admire these horses and their creators are wonderful avatars degritting the very Vejle very veil include work I animation can only warmest empfelen Honey did a super nice job cuboid Horse arabian Clevalnd and the little pony are particular beautiful to continue working as Honey.

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