Horse Armor for the RealHorse Quarter Horse and Arabian

New today, armor from the 1650s for the RealHorse horse breed avatars.  Low renderweight means it won’t slow you down, even with the multiple rigged and weighted mesh pieces. These 7-piece sets include chamfron/bridle; crinet; peytral; crupper; saddle; and texture scripted barding + a texture/color HUD.   Choose one of 10 barding patterns and tint to your preference or purchase the chainmail barding set with 8 chainmail patterns, available separately.  Armor now comes for all of our 15.2 horse breeds, available in our in-world Cherry Island store or on the Marketplace.  Check this set out moving.

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New, Happy Apples Horse Cuddler Set

This mesh, 6LI, 2x4m footprint set is nPose scripted and includes 2 menus, with 14 menu buttons for guys and girls. Fits 2 RealHorses & 2 humans; for a total of 28 position pairings.  Available to try before you buy in our Cherry Island store; purchase on the Marketplace.

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Full Body Blanket & Texture HUDS for RealHorse Breeds

New today in the Marketplace, our full body, 100% original rigged mesh body blanket for all four breeds of the ~LP~ RealHorse avatars.  Set includes one texture HUD with 8 buckle textures, 12 strap, 12 edging and 8 body texture options + full color tinting capability.

Wear the rug, add the texture HUD and click to find your preferred look. Remove the hud when done.

Six additional texture HUDs are also available, each with 8 different texture options. Choose from Jungle, Gray Scale, Wool, Plaid, Woodstock, and Quilted.

Purchase the full body blanket for the Arabian, Cleveland Bay, POA Pony, or Quarter Horse on the Marketplace or our in-world store.

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