New, Dressage Riding Systems Level One & Two

New today, the Level One and the Level Two Dressage Riding Systems for the RealHorse 15.2 breeds and the POA Pony.

Level One includes 5 dressage gaits(working Walk, Working Trot, Extended Trot and LL Canter & RL Canter).

You can view animations of these gaits here:

Working Walk:

Working Trot:

Extended Trot:

Park Canter:

Level Two includes the five Level One animations plus Piaff, Passage, Spanish Walk, Extended Walk, & Collected Trot.

Level Two Animations Shown Here:



Collected Trot:

Spanish Walk:

Extended Walk:

Both sets include riding systems for the 15.2 horses as well as sets for the POA pony, and rezzer-ready systems that include rezzing scripting and correct naming to allow these sets to work with your basic riding system rezzer.  Just drop them and you are ready to go.

We will be showcasing these new systems today, January 10th, from 3-4 pm SLT in the Thorne Stadium at Horse Show World. Please join us.

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