What’s In the Pipeline?

We’re always asked what’s next, or what are we working on. We usually keep our projects out in our build space, so people can generally see what we’re working.  Sometimes it looks like a really intense yard sale!

Here’s what’s in the immediate pipeline:

  • Armor for all the breeds.
  • Western Saddle Set for all the breeds
  • Full Blanket for all the breeds
  • Bell Boots for all the breeds
  • Bondage tack set (hey, what can we say)
  • Pacer & Trotter sulkies
  • Pony Cart (pacer, trotter & fine harness)
  • Various vehicles: fanceh sleigh, swan sleigh, covered wagon, hansome cab, spider phaeton, high perch phaeton, phaeton buggy, feed wagon
  • Sidesaddle for all breeds
  • Sidesaddle riding system
  • Western riding system
  • Bondage riding system
  • Horse Show gacha
  • Various and sundry adult play sets
  • Birthing Set
  • Level Three Dressage Riding System (the lateral movements)
  • More Coats & Eyes
  • More Manes & Tails
  • Sleazies
  • RP sets
  • Marking layers
  • Full body latex suit
  • Update on the basic jumping system
  • Update on the Karalat Phaeton

Here’s what further out for us:

  • The Deadly Percheron & all the stuff
  • Welsh Mountain Pony Section A & all the stuff
  • Ultra Sound Machine
  • Haute Ecole animation set
  • Other breeds (Lippy, Friesian, Falabella -Arabian Type)
  • Plus some other super cool things




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