Pony Carts, New Today

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We’re very pleased to announce the first three of our new horse-drawn vehicles, using our new vehicle scripting.

Our carts have been stabilized and throttled; and change gaits and directions more smoothly than before.

The new pony carts are original 100% mesh, and each include 5 gaits + a stand.  Three types are available, each a different color: Trotting (Red), Pacing (Green), and Finer Harness (Dark Blue). As ever, these are unique in Second Life, with our pacing racing cart being the only one of its kind available.

The quality of our equine gaits speak for themselves and we’ve included videos of the different gaits  below – just click on the name of the animation.

Visit our store in Cherry Island or the RealHorse race track at Horse Show World to try before you buy. Then purchase on the Marketplace: Trotting (Red), Pacing (Green), and Finer Harness (Dark Blue)

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