Work in Progress: Lipizzan


The Lipizzan or Lipizzaner (Czech: Lipicán, Croatian: Lipicanac, Hungarian: Lipicai, Italian: Lipizzano, Slovene: Lipicanec), is a breed of horse closely associated with the Spanish Riding School of Vienna, Austria, where they demonstrate the haute école or “high school” movements of classical dressage, including the highly controlled, stylized jumps and other movements known as the “airs above the ground.”





A Letter From Honey

To our many loyal customers:

As you may know, I’ve had my account locked and then banned in an unfortunate event promulgated by zealots.

It’s been an interesting week to say the least. Let me catch you up to date on what’s going on.

Our region, Cherry Island, has been transferred to Cherry Lastchance. She has full administrative rights over the island, and the ~Ladies’ Pleasure~ vendors will remain in place in the island and can be shopped at your discretion.  There is a re-delivery terminal in landing point, feel free to use it.  If you’ve been banned from the island, for whatever reason, you are SOL if you need a re-delivery.

Most of our content was distributed over a series of accounts as back up.  Cherry will, at some point in the next two weeks, release the RealHorse 2.0.

Over the past month, Emma has been remaking the base horse to improve the quality of the mesh and to fix a few things we weren’t entirely happy with.  Those models, Cherry’s animations, and my texture work and scripting have been moved to an administrative account and Cherry will release from that account under the brand name ‘Elite Equestrian’. The horse and its tack will be sold through this brand.  If you have purchased RealHorse 1.0. 1.1 or 1.2, you’ll be updated when Cherry brings the new vendors live – we’ll just transfer your purchasing data over to this account, along with the records for any tack/accessory purchases for the RealHorse.  We will also be releasing our new Lippizan horse around the same time.

The ~Ladies’ Pleasure~ brand will continue in SL, with clothing, ABC tack, tack for other avatars, our other avatars (cow, bull, foal) until such time as we determine we’re ready to shutter it.  In the meantime, the ABC tack and clothing has been discounted varying degrees. All I can suggest is that if there was something you wanted, get it now.  If you have a gift card, use it soon. Gift cards won’t be honored under the *Elite Equestrian* brand.

Does this sound like farewell from me?  I hope not. I’ve appealed to get my account back, but while we’re waiting, I’m not abandoning Cherry or the RealHorse – I am available to help her get it back up and running and she can always reach me via email or Skype to answer questions.

To our supporters, best regards always,

~Honey Heart

Freestyle Musical Costume Dressage Fun Show.

Blades Edge Stables March 5th 1 PM SLT Freestyle Musical Costume Dressage Fun Show.

All types of horses, ponies, donkeys & mules are welcome to participate! Dressage riding systems available for RealHorse 15.2, RealHorse POA, Water Horse Light, Water Horse Draft, Breeders Choice and Hoofit!

Pick your favorite song and a costume to compliment it then practice your Dressage Freestyle!

Join us for a fun show where the winners are chosen vote style!

All winners receive 1 week added to their board on their Blades Edge Stall!

1st place 500L + Ribbon
2nd place 350L + Ribbon
3rd place 200L + Ribbon
4th place 100L + Ribbon
5th – 10th places Ribbon

Rename notecard: Blades Edge March 5th 1 PM SLT “your SL name” (Not display name)

Riders name:
Horses name (1):
Link to song you want played:
Horses name (2):
Link to song you want played:
If you want, tell us a bit about your costume & song for our announcer :

Limited to 14 entries each rider may have 2 horses. If there are any openings riders may bring an additional horse/pony/Donkey
Horses/ponies/Donkeys without riders can still enter.
Entry is FREE
Try to limit songs/Free style pattern to approx. 3 minutes.
Judging is voting style and each person/Horse can vote for 3 performances. 3 points for 1st choice, 2 points for 2nd choice and 1 point for 3rd choice.

~ Blades Edge Show Jumping Feb 20th 1pm SLT ~

Do you have what it takes to make it to the top and be Champion?
Join us at Blades Edge Stables Saturday February 20th at 1pm SLT for the first Show Jumping event in a series of 5 shows where the top 3 competitors from each show will compete against each other in a Grand Prix Championship where the winner will be named Grand Champion!

Awards for the 5 qualifying Show Jumping events:
1st Place – 750L + Ribbon & Picture
2nd Place – 500L + Ribbon & Picture
3rd Place – 250L + Ribbon & Picture
4th – 10th Place – Ribbon & Picture

Awards for the Championship:
1st Place – 2500L + Trophy, Ribbon & Picture
2nd Place – 1000L + Trophy, Ribbon & Picture
3rd Place – 750L + Trophy, Ribbon & Picture
4th – 6th Places Ribbons & Picture

No registering, No entry fees, arrive early and choose your stall number for order of go. RealHorse Avatars only for this show please. Stalls are limited to 12.

Winners, RealHorse Limited, February 14, 2016


In first place Kalypso Whitesong ridden by Sezja Melodie 126.999200 seconds

2ndSezja.JPGIn second place Sezja Melodie with  140.690500


In third place Stormchaser ridden by Neris Damien with 156.375600 seconds


In fourth place Dukeshowdown ridden by Neris Damien with 158.679200 seconds


In fifth place Lokii ridden by Neris Damien with 161.158200 seconds

In sixth place Ura Edenflower with  162.674000, [Not Shown]

Miss Melody with 173. 225100 seconds
Tejanaa ridden by Jessa Alberti with 178.272400 seconds
Jake ridden by Jessa Alberti with 179.000 seconds

New, Saddle Foal for the RealHorse


This cutie includes a built-in halter with a name plate, blinking eyes, twitching ears, and a tail that flags as you move. Texture scripted, the Foal includes 12 foal presets (Black, Bay, Chestnut, White, Pale Gray, Dapple Gray, Piebald, Skewbald, Splash Overo, Blanket Appaloosa, Leopard Appaloosa, and Gold), 12 Halter Leather options (Black, Brown, Red, White, Blue, Purple, Pink, Teal, Aqua, Lime, Citrus, Gray), and 6 Metal options (Silver, Silver Filigree, Gold, Gold Filigree, Shiny Gold, Brass).

The Foal is Copy/Mod to allow you to make your own customized coats, but it cannot be resized for other makes or models of horse. If you add or remove prims or attempt to change the size, you will break the Foal (and you get to keep both halves).  For those who enjoy customizing, there are free UV & AO maps for the foal body & ears, plus placement template guides for the eyes and the halter plate in our in-world Cherry Island store.  You must have experience with image manipulation & access to an image editor program in order to use these guides.

Available on the Marketplace and in our in-world store.


RealHorse Events, February 9-15 2016

~~~~ Friday Dressage Clinic

Fridays, 6-7 pm SLT

Level Two & Three Dressage Clinics

Level Two focuses the extended and collected gaits, piaff/passage; collected & extended trot, extended walk, cantered pirouettes, and the development of 2, 3, 4 tempi, and finally, riding under the spotlights.

Level Three  focuses on the development of lateral movements, 1 tempi, and the rest of that hard stuff.

Please note: we will NOT teach gait or lead recognition or how to ride the riding systems. Use the Wednesday riding classes for that.

Clinics meet at the Thorne Stadium and start promptly at 6 pm SLT.

~~~~ Wednesday Riding Lessons, 6-7 pm SLT

Entry is FREE, meet at the Show Barn in Horse Show World at 6 pm to saddle up. Taught by RL equestrians Jessa Alberti and Neris Damien, this casual class will include instruction on leads, control, collection and jump timing.

~~~~ Weekly Race Meet

Saturdays 4 pm – 6 pm.

2-hour race meet includes sulky pacer, sulky trotter, horse flat, horse steeple & chariot racing.

$200L/first place, trophy, ribbon; 2nd & 3rd, ribbons every race. Awards ceremony following the conclusion of the last race of the meet.

Minimum 3-horse field to run, must be tacked.  Sulkies, Carts & Racing Systems provided – you must use our systems or you will be disqualified by the race system.

~LP~ February Limited Cross Country Competition, Sunday, February 14, 3 pm SLT.

Entry is limited to no more than 12 entrants.  This fun, fast, free event takes about an hour as horses (and ponies) jump against the clock to win.

Cash purse, gift cards, and ribbons:
1st, $1KL, $750L GC, trophy and ribbon
2nd $750L, $500L GC, ribbon
3rd $500L, $250L GC, ribbon
3-6th, ribbon

Lowest score (combination of faults & time) wins. No entry fee, just show up to compete and (potentially) win.  RealHorse™ avatars, only, please, grab a run stall in Cherry Island the day of to secure your run order.

~~~~ Monday Mod Session

30 minute mod sessions offered at 6 pm SLT.

Topics we will cover include modifying your AOs, gesture HUDs, and riding systems. Got a topic you’d like to see addressed? drop a n/c with your request/suggestion in Honey’s mailbox in Cherry Island.

February 15: Modifying and adjusting your riding system