New, Saddle Foal for the RealHorse


This cutie includes a built-in halter with a name plate, blinking eyes, twitching ears, and a tail that flags as you move. Texture scripted, the Foal includes 12 foal presets (Black, Bay, Chestnut, White, Pale Gray, Dapple Gray, Piebald, Skewbald, Splash Overo, Blanket Appaloosa, Leopard Appaloosa, and Gold), 12 Halter Leather options (Black, Brown, Red, White, Blue, Purple, Pink, Teal, Aqua, Lime, Citrus, Gray), and 6 Metal options (Silver, Silver Filigree, Gold, Gold Filigree, Shiny Gold, Brass).

The Foal is Copy/Mod to allow you to make your own customized coats, but it cannot be resized for other makes or models of horse. If you add or remove prims or attempt to change the size, you will break the Foal (and you get to keep both halves).  For those who enjoy customizing, there are free UV & AO maps for the foal body & ears, plus placement template guides for the eyes and the halter plate in our in-world Cherry Island store.  You must have experience with image manipulation & access to an image editor program in order to use these guides.

Available on the Marketplace and in our in-world store.


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