RealHorse Events, February 9-15 2016

~~~~ Friday Dressage Clinic

Fridays, 6-7 pm SLT

Level Two & Three Dressage Clinics

Level Two focuses the extended and collected gaits, piaff/passage; collected & extended trot, extended walk, cantered pirouettes, and the development of 2, 3, 4 tempi, and finally, riding under the spotlights.

Level Three  focuses on the development of lateral movements, 1 tempi, and the rest of that hard stuff.

Please note: we will NOT teach gait or lead recognition or how to ride the riding systems. Use the Wednesday riding classes for that.

Clinics meet at the Thorne Stadium and start promptly at 6 pm SLT.

~~~~ Wednesday Riding Lessons, 6-7 pm SLT

Entry is FREE, meet at the Show Barn in Horse Show World at 6 pm to saddle up. Taught by RL equestrians Jessa Alberti and Neris Damien, this casual class will include instruction on leads, control, collection and jump timing.

~~~~ Weekly Race Meet

Saturdays 4 pm – 6 pm.

2-hour race meet includes sulky pacer, sulky trotter, horse flat, horse steeple & chariot racing.

$200L/first place, trophy, ribbon; 2nd & 3rd, ribbons every race. Awards ceremony following the conclusion of the last race of the meet.

Minimum 3-horse field to run, must be tacked.  Sulkies, Carts & Racing Systems provided – you must use our systems or you will be disqualified by the race system.

~LP~ February Limited Cross Country Competition, Sunday, February 14, 3 pm SLT.

Entry is limited to no more than 12 entrants.  This fun, fast, free event takes about an hour as horses (and ponies) jump against the clock to win.

Cash purse, gift cards, and ribbons:
1st, $1KL, $750L GC, trophy and ribbon
2nd $750L, $500L GC, ribbon
3rd $500L, $250L GC, ribbon
3-6th, ribbon

Lowest score (combination of faults & time) wins. No entry fee, just show up to compete and (potentially) win.  RealHorse™ avatars, only, please, grab a run stall in Cherry Island the day of to secure your run order.

~~~~ Monday Mod Session

30 minute mod sessions offered at 6 pm SLT.

Topics we will cover include modifying your AOs, gesture HUDs, and riding systems. Got a topic you’d like to see addressed? drop a n/c with your request/suggestion in Honey’s mailbox in Cherry Island.

February 15: Modifying and adjusting your riding system

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