Freestyle Musical Costume Dressage Fun Show.

Blades Edge Stables March 5th 1 PM SLT Freestyle Musical Costume Dressage Fun Show.

All types of horses, ponies, donkeys & mules are welcome to participate! Dressage riding systems available for RealHorse 15.2, RealHorse POA, Water Horse Light, Water Horse Draft, Breeders Choice and Hoofit!

Pick your favorite song and a costume to compliment it then practice your Dressage Freestyle!

Join us for a fun show where the winners are chosen vote style!

All winners receive 1 week added to their board on their Blades Edge Stall!

1st place 500L + Ribbon
2nd place 350L + Ribbon
3rd place 200L + Ribbon
4th place 100L + Ribbon
5th – 10th places Ribbon

Rename notecard: Blades Edge March 5th 1 PM SLT “your SL name” (Not display name)

Riders name:
Horses name (1):
Link to song you want played:
Horses name (2):
Link to song you want played:
If you want, tell us a bit about your costume & song for our announcer :

Limited to 14 entries each rider may have 2 horses. If there are any openings riders may bring an additional horse/pony/Donkey
Horses/ponies/Donkeys without riders can still enter.
Entry is FREE
Try to limit songs/Free style pattern to approx. 3 minutes.
Judging is voting style and each person/Horse can vote for 3 performances. 3 points for 1st choice, 2 points for 2nd choice and 1 point for 3rd choice.

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