A Letter From Honey

To our many loyal customers:

As you may know, I’ve had my account locked and then banned in an unfortunate event promulgated by zealots.

It’s been an interesting week to say the least. Let me catch you up to date on what’s going on.

Our region, Cherry Island, has been transferred to Cherry Lastchance. She has full administrative rights over the island, and the ~Ladies’ Pleasure~ vendors will remain in place in the island and can be shopped at your discretion.  There is a re-delivery terminal in landing point, feel free to use it.  If you’ve been banned from the island, for whatever reason, you are SOL if you need a re-delivery.

Most of our content was distributed over a series of accounts as back up.  Cherry will, at some point in the next two weeks, release the RealHorse 2.0.

Over the past month, Emma has been remaking the base horse to improve the quality of the mesh and to fix a few things we weren’t entirely happy with.  Those models, Cherry’s animations, and my texture work and scripting have been moved to an administrative account and Cherry will release from that account under the brand name ‘Elite Equestrian’. The horse and its tack will be sold through this brand.  If you have purchased RealHorse 1.0. 1.1 or 1.2, you’ll be updated when Cherry brings the new vendors live – we’ll just transfer your purchasing data over to this account, along with the records for any tack/accessory purchases for the RealHorse.  We will also be releasing our new Lippizan horse around the same time.

The ~Ladies’ Pleasure~ brand will continue in SL, with clothing, ABC tack, tack for other avatars, our other avatars (cow, bull, foal) until such time as we determine we’re ready to shutter it.  In the meantime, the ABC tack and clothing has been discounted varying degrees. All I can suggest is that if there was something you wanted, get it now.  If you have a gift card, use it soon. Gift cards won’t be honored under the *Elite Equestrian* brand.

Does this sound like farewell from me?  I hope not. I’ve appealed to get my account back, but while we’re waiting, I’m not abandoning Cherry or the RealHorse – I am available to help her get it back up and running and she can always reach me via email or Skype to answer questions.

To our supporters, best regards always,

~Honey Heart

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