New Today, Carts & More for the POA Pony

New on the Marketplace and in our in-world Cherry Island store, 3 versions of pony cart, a gig and a spider phaeton.  Fit to the POA Pony, these carts include the gaits and animations.   Gig and carts have room for one pony and a driver, and the spider phaeton has room for 1 pony, 1 driver and a passenger.  Try before you buy, there are rezzers available in Cherry Island.

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Also new, 2 new styles of unrigged mesh tails, the Clubbed and the Polo tails. Both horse and pony sizes are included, and these are texture scripted with 75 different hair options.E-RH-Polo-Tail-Set.JPG


And, finally, animated rigged mesh licking tongues for all four breeds, on the MP and in our Cherry Island store.

New Today, Tendon Boots and Hoof Covers

Rigged Tendon Boot sets and rigged Hoof Cover sets for all four breeds of RealHorse. These sets are texture scripted and include a texture/color applier HUD.  Tendon Boots include 4 options – front pair, back pair, and all four legs.  On the Marketplace store and in our in-world, Cherry Island store.


Hoof Covers:

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Tendon Boots:

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New Today, a Tale of Two Tails

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…

Not really, but we do have a tale of tails new in our Cherry Island in-world store as well as on the Marketplace.

First, visit the Midnight Mania and slap the board to win a cute curly tail (Pony & Horse styles included), then stalk the lucky chairs to win one of 12 swishing Bedazzled Tails with texture scripting for 75 different textures!

Finally, we have several new styles of tails (for both horse and pony) new today on the Marketplace and in our in-world Cherry Island store. Check them out!

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New in Cherry Island Only!

New Midnight Mane-ia board and new Lucky chairs for Elite Equestrian group members only.  Please make sure you have your *Elite Equestrian* group tag active before you try to join the Midnight Mania or stalk the Lucky Chairs. These are fast moving Lucky Chairs with great prizes, so you won’t want to miss out!

In the new Midnight Mania board, super cute swishing, curly-haired tail, with versions for both pony and horse.


In the Lucky Chairs, 12 different styles of texture-scripted (75 texture options!) swishing Bedazzled Tails. Try your luck to win one of these great new tail styles, only in our Lucky Chairs in Cherry Island.

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