A New Look for Cherry Island


We are pleased to announce our new look for Cherry Island as part of our re-branding as Elite Equestrian*.

Here are some of the changes we’ve made to the island:

  1. Completely overhauled the layout and look and feel of the island to that of the French Mediterranean;
  2. Moved all of our RealHorse, Foal, and Other Avatars to the ground level, each in their own easy-to-shop store spaces;
  3. Moved all RealHorse tack, accessories, hair, and coats into their own easy-to-shop stores on the ground level;
  4. Moved our Stadium Jumping Courses;
  5. Moved our third party makers to ground level in their own store space;
  6. Removed our cross country course;
  7. Added Midnight Mania and Lucky Chairs;
  8. Added a special “VIP Rez Lounge” with a special VIP group gift vendor;
  9. Added extensive cart-friendly paths;
  10. Added cart rezzers for both horse and pony RealHorses;
  11. Added a new Gacha store;
  12. Added a Work-in-Progress Paddock for those who like to watch our team work;
  13. Added extensive (clothing optional) public beaches for those who enjoy sun and sand.

Cherry Island is still adult and clothing is optional – so no kiddie avatars, please.

Some things we will do in the future:

  1. Weekly showjumping competitions in Cherry Island (every Saturday, starting April 2nd).
  2. Occasional special events.
  3. Release Version 2 of the RealHorse horse breed avatars.
  4. Release the Lippizan and Falabella breeds.

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