The RealHorse Returns!

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We are pleased to introduce the release of the *E* RealHorse™ – the only horse avatar for mature audiences in a virtual world that is so real it deserved to be named “RealHorse™.”

The *E* RealHorse™ is designed to be simple and easy to use: Wear the delivery box, click it, and then wear everything in the folder that the delivery puts in your inventory. That’s it. No set up, no fuss.

Each RealHorse™ breed comes with 2 breed-appropriate coat options with multiple marking choices. Just wear the coat HUD and click the skin/marking option of your choice. Again, it’s simple and easy to use.

The *E* RealHorse™ features:

* Genuine breed differentiation in the models;
* Built-in gender differentiation;
* Accurately modeled teeth, tongue and mouth;
* Fluid, flexible, even more carefully weighted mesh that moves ‘like a real horse’;
* Physically modeled chestnuts, tendons, muscle grooves, hocks, knees, frogs/bars on hooves;
* Accuracy in sizing (the RealHorse™ is 15.2 hands tall at the withers);
* Smooth, accurate gaits and animations;
* Synchronized horse & rider animations with correct rider posture;
* Correct genitalia included with the base horse;
* Careful use of diffuse, normal and specular maps to enhance the real, accurate look and feel of the horse. (Look for the ribs, the muscles, and sinews using your Second Life Advanced Lighting Model!)


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The *E* RealHorse™ base horse (PG Version) includes:

* The basic gendered breed horse (mare or stallion) with rigged ears, eyes, tongue, shape, alpha;
* Full basic AO with walk, trot, both leads of canter and gallop, Spanish walk, Olympic show jump, 6 different stands, park out, 3 different typing animations, a correct reverse, flying, hovering and swimming animations
*Gesture HUD including 7 photo poses, 20 full body animations and 6 head position animations, 19 unique horse calls, breath and ear and eye controls;
* 2 breed-appropriate coat options, each with 13 marking choices;
* 6 eye textures in handy applier;
* Rigged rope halter;
* Rigged, texture-scripted 1/4 cooler blanket;
* Static genitals for PG RP (Stallion – rigged sheath nub; mare – rigged closed vulva);
* Cold Weather Snorty Breath;
* Basic riding system with our special synced horse/rider riding animations & the ability to jump in sky boxes;
* Competitive riding system featuring over-clocked jump, competitive with other brands of horse, & the ability to jump in sky boxes;

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* Unrigged tack including an English dressage saddle & bridle; Western saddle and bitless bridle, and mesh halter;
* Functional Primrose Wagon;
* Riding system rezzer with both riding systems and the wagon included;
* Right & Left-handed Manes, Forelock and Swishing Tail, all texture-scripted with 75 different texture options


The new RealHorse, the *E* RealHorse v2, comes in a PG and an Adult version.  Purchasers of the adult ~LP~ RealHorse V1.0, V1.1, or V1.2 horse breed avatars will be updated in world with the new *E* RealHorse PG, followed by the adult options when they are available.

We have bifurcated the RealHorse into PG and Adult versions in order to maximize our exposure on Marketplace.  By so doing, we can list the PG horse without issues on Marketplace, and continue to sell the adult version in-world in Cherry Island on our age-verified sim.

2. What this means to purchasers of the adult horse:
a. They will receive 2 updates. The first is a PG version of the horse (we assumed purchasers would actually want the re-release sooner rather than later, since V2 has some great new inclusions). The second will be an adult version of the horse available when we complete the sets of functional genitalia.
b. Functional genitalia for the ~LP~ V1, V1.1, or V1.2 will all fit correctly and work fine on the V2.  Use your gens from the V1, 1.1 or 1.2 till we get the V2 gens and the adult version completed.
c. At some point the genitals will be available individually but still only for the RealHorse. When this may be we can’t predict, but for those who have asked us for a herm version this is as good as it’ll get.

3. The horse bodies themselves may have little visual difference to the end user.  The two genders are still clearly gender-differentiated, mare or stallion, with modeled teats or sheath.  The differences in the mesh lies in the rigging and weighting. We strongly encourage you to make the switch over to the V2 horse as your ‘base avatar’ for the following reasons:
a.  It has less memory weight and fewer scripts.
b. The weighting is different.

Forthcoming products like marking and roleplay sets will only work correctly on V2 bodies.

4. As of this time, the adult horse will only be available in-world, in the old ~LP~ vendors. Purchasers of adult RealHorses will be updated with a V2.0 PG version so that they have the most recent mesh.

5. All purchasers of the adult horses will receive an adult version when we complete it.

6. To repeat: if you purchased an adult ~LP~ RealHorse, when we complete the *E* RealHorse adult versions we will update purchasers of the ~LP~ adult horse with the new *E* V2 adult RealHorse.

7. Direct purchasers of the new PG-rated *E* RealHorse V2 will NOT receive an adult update.

8.  The V2 is backwards compatible with coats, eyes and tack. You can use any of your old RealHorse coat or eye appliers with V2.  Old tack will work fine (or it has been updated, and if you purchased the V1 version you should have received or will receive the new *E* product as we release them.  The V2 is also backwards compatible with old Tavatar-scripted carts and wagons, and with old ~LP~ RealHorse animation products.

The * RealHorse™ is copy/no mod/no transfer. A wide range of accessories designed for these horse breeds are available separately.

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