New Today, AFK Gacha


Go AFK in style with these great new animated attachments from *Elite Equestrian*.  Play to win one of these great styles including, Crated, Crated with Apples, Crated with Carrots, Bad Horse, Grazin’ Tree in 7 colors, Grazin’ Cat in Siamese, Marmalade, Tabby or Calico, Grazing Garden, Jump Fail Logs, Jump Fail Stone, Love MY Hay, Hay Flop, Show Stalls in 4 colors + plain, Free!, Gotta Bucket o’ Water, Gotta Bucket o’ Grain, Flower Power (Rare), Cops! (Rare) , Taxi Bug (Rare) and Trailered in 5 colors (ultrarare).

Only in our in-world store in Cherry Island.

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