*Elite* RealHorse Character Mod Contest


Character Mod Contest

Every two weeks, we choose a new character mod to feature on one of our in-world RealHorse models.  The winner of the selected character mod receives $500L, a commemorative plaque with a picture of the completed character, a blog entry showcasing the character and the character will be created in-world on one of our showcase models.

What’s entailed:

Create a character mod using only *Elite Equestrian* products.  The more specific, the better.  Specify the breed/coat/mane/tail/eye color/and any tack you wish your mod to wear.  Give it a back story and a name if you wish.

Pick up a character sheet entry form from our business office in Cherry Island. Submit your completed character sheet entry in our in-world mailbox by the 15th or the 30th of every month to enter to win.  Judging is purely subjective, by Elite Equestrian team members.  Only RealHorse character mod entries can be considered, and the more complete you entry is, the more likely it is we will select it to showcase.

2 thoughts on “*Elite* RealHorse Character Mod Contest

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