*Elite* RealHorse Photography Contest

ElitePhotography Contest.JPG

The RealHorse Photography Contest for all RealHorse owners!

Take your best picture of your RealHorse and submit it to win.

Images should depict one or more RealHorse avatars. Images may not include added text or advertisements for other brands. Entries can be straight in-world photography, they may be shot with lighting or images may be photoshopped. In other words, make your entry as artistic as you can.

Entries are due in world in the contest drop box by the last day of the month (April 30th this month. Judging is based on popular vote with winners determined by most number of votes received, 2nd by second most number of votes, 3rd by third most number of votes.  Voting opens the first Thursday of the month and closes on the first Sunday.

All entrants agree to allow their work to be included in an in-world and blog slide show. In addition to cash and prizes, winners also receive recognition in a blog entry. Prizes include:

1st: Trophy, $500L, 200L GC, ribbon & plaque
2nd: Ribbon, $300L,  200L GC, & plaque
3rd: Ribbon, $200L ,  200L GC, & plaque

Entry box is located in Cherry Island.  Please label your entry with the title of the image.  Entries must be full permission as they will be display for voting on our in-world photography boards.


  • April 30 for May, Voting opens May 5th closes May 8th
  • May 31 for June, Voting opens June 2, closes June 5th
  • June 30 for July, Voting opens July 7, closes July 10th
  • July 31 for August, Voting opens August 4th, closes August 7th

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