New Events & Competitions in Cherry Island

We are pleased to announce the launch of several new competitive events in Cherry Island.

Every Saturday at 10 am SLT please join Kalypso Whitesong for Showjumping in the Showjumping ring in Cherry Island. Cash, ribbons, trophy for first, *Elite Equestrian* giftcards and awards plaques for the winners. Details here.

Every two weeks, we choose a new character mod to feature on one of our in-world models.  The winner of the selected character mod receives $500L, a commemorative plaque with a picture of the completed character, and a blog entry showcasing the character. Details here.

Every month, the RealHorse Photography Contest for all RealHorse owners. Entries due in world in the contest drop box by the last day of the month (April 30th this month), and voting opens the following first Thursday of the month and closes on the first Sunday.  Full details & rules can be found by clicking this link.

Cherry’s Choice for our authorized makers every month, one product from one of our authorized makers is chosen by Cherry and featured as ‘Cherry’s Choice’. Details here.

Coming soon, weekly flat racing.


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