Riding Horses in Cherry Island


We are pleased to announce the addition of riding horses for use by the public, in Cherry Island.

We have added demo horse models which may be interacted with in various ways. Take a self-propelled carriage ride around the sim with our ponies, Elite’s Merrylegs & Elite’s Lady Luck. Just catch the carriage, sit and go; the ponies know what to do.  Elite’s Brown Bess will be available for automated dressage practice and lessons very soon.


Or, catch one of the riding horses in the paddock (Elite’s Dreamtime, Sugar or Elite’s Beauty) and ride or drive them where you wish.  Here’s how:

1. Make sure your *Elite Equestrian* group tag is active.
2. Rez the riding system or cart you wish to use from the rezzers in Cherry Island.
3. Sit on the cart or riding system so you have control.
4. Click on the horse’s head  and choose ‘RLV’ from the menu options.
5. Choose ‘Force Sit’ from the menu options.
6. Pick the thing you want your horse to sit on (cart, riding system).
7. Clock ignore or click the x in the RLV popup menu.
8. Start riding!
9. When you are done, please return the horse to the paddock.


Our horses that are enhanced are available for all of our visitors to Cherry Island to use.  They are not run by humans so you do not need to ask them if you can ride or drive them.  Just follow the instructions above to take one out for a ride.

Our horses are available for use in our jumping competitions. Because they are limited in number, if you wish to use one for our competitions plan to arrive early so that we don’t send them to their stables during the event.


The riding and carriage horses in Cherry Island are powered with an altered Turing subroutine that we wrote for them. You can talk to our horses in IM. Ask your favorite horse what kind of treat she would like!


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