Events & Activities in Cherry Island

Effective immediately, we’ll be moving the Beach Steeplechase to a monthly event on the 2nd Sunday of every month.  Our first Beach Steeplechase will be Sunday, May 1st at 6 pm SLT.  Event limited to 7 RealHorses (only). This is a casual, fun, free event with more than $3,000L in prizes, trophy and ribbons.

Review reward rosettes – 14 unique bridle rosettes to collect, just leaves your positive review on the Marketplace for any *Elite Equestrian* product.  Sorry, reviewing old ~LP~ products won’t work. *Elite* products only and you must have purchased the product yourself. No piggyback reviews.

Voting for the RealHorse photography contest is open! The voting booth is in the Photography display – visitors receive one vote/avatar, and the winner is the picture with the most votes. Invite your friends to come vote for you. To vote, just click the numbered box that matches the number of the picture you want to vote for. Remember – you get one click so make it count!

Come ride the demo models in Cherry Island. If you feel shy about riding an avatar, the demo models are just the thing. They are RLV enabled to the *Elite Equestrian* in-world group, so wear your tag, and click on their head to get a control menu.  You can lead them, and sit them on a carriage or riding system. Make sure you rez your vehicle and sit first before you put your horse in place. Then just go have fun!

Lucky Chairs – yes, we have them. Wear your tag and stalk to win free coats, tails and more.


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