New, Third Party Events & Products

Snapshot _ Whitesong Stable and Eventing, Full Throttle (77, 15.png

Whitesong Stable and Eventing has created a brand new Cross Country facility which will host the future Elite Equestrian Cross Country event, as well as stand-alone WS events.  Come enjoy our full 22 jump course in an intimate country setting. The entire course is a custom build, a full month in the making. You’ll never find another course like it!  To visit, click here.

The Elegant Cow is pleased to announce the release of 4 new coats for the RealHorse: Gentleman Black, Chocolate Rain, Dunliest Catch Fjord and Dunliest Catch Dark Fjord. You may purchase these coats in-world in the Third Party Vendor Boutique or on the Marketplace.

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