New Today, The ‘At The Horse’ Show Gacha!


This fantastic gacha includes a range of items for the high end show horse, including display bridles & saddles, scripted saddle rack, grooming tools and boxes, horse treats, a scripted champagne table, grain bucket, jolly ball, scripted show stall with curtains, bridle holder, a full tack box already loaded and ready to go, and more.  Items come in 5 colors – Red, Black, Blue, Green and Purple, and best of all, most prizes are only 1-3 LI.  Tack box with saddle, bridle, pail and whips is 6 LI, and show stall is only 10 LI. Show stall is texture scripted with all five colors and has a working door.

There’s a display in front of the Gacha Boutique showing all the great prizes in green. 50L a pull.


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