Mod Contest Winner: Alexandra Moriguchi

We are pleased to announce the winner of our biweekly mod contest. Alexandra Moriguchi’s character mod, ‘Dangers of Fire’, was chosen to showcase under the spotlights in our center Dressage Court for the next two weeks.


Dangers of Fire Mod created and submitted by Alexandra Moriguchi.

Name of Character: Dangers of Fire
Breed: American Quarter Horse
Coat: *E* RealHorse Coat Texture HUD [BOXED] Splashier Overo Flame
Mane: *E* RealHorse Silkiest Mane & Tail Set (chestnut color) – Strawberry chosen
Tail: *E* RealHorse Silkiest Mane & Tail Set ( chestnut color) – Strawberry chosen
Gender: Stallion
Eye (Eye pack and color, please): *E* RealHorse EyeTexture HUD [BOXED] Majestic Energy ( the one in the Picture)
Tack (if any):  *E* RealHorse Western Parade Saddle Set

Dangers of Fire backstory: Fire had always been the Stallion running his herd, until the day he was rounded up with the rest. From that day forward he had a pretty easy start, starting from unbroken to become the Parade horse that you see today. He had the looks, and the demeanor to match…well, that is until the pretty fillies stroll past. Then he wished again for a herd of his own.

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