New Today, the Haute Ecole HUD for all RealHorses

New today on the Marketplace and in our in-world Cherry Island store, the Haute Ecole HUD with classical dressage/Haute Ecole & Airs Above Ground full body animations for the RealHorse.  This HUD includes 12 full body animations (some looped, some single) including the full and half camel bows, the right and left Jambettes, Pesade, Levade, Mezair, Viennese-style Croupade, Saumur-style Croupade, and the airs above ground: Courbette, Capriole, and Ballotade.  HUD is simple and easy to use – simply ADD and click the button of the desired animation.   Try before you buy with our animation stands in-world.


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