Gestational Modification Sets for the Original Four RealHorse Breeds

A release for the horses, but new for the POA Pony, the Gestational Modification Sets include 12 rigged mesh bodies to rreplace your regular mesh horse body.  On the Marketplace and in our in-world, Cherry Island store, sets for the Arabian,
Cleveland Bay, POA Pony, and Quarter Horse.

The *E* Gestational Body Set for the *E* RealHorse avatar includes 12 mesh bodies for a full equine gestational period (months 1-11, and the postpartum phase).  This is NOT a full avatar, just the bodies to replace the regular horse body.  To use this set, you MUST have already purchased the matching full avatar.

To use this set, you may either manually replace the body by selecting it in inventory and clicking ‘ADD’, then removing your regular or previous body; or, you may set up your RLV folders to allow products such as Mama Allpa or GETZAPPED! Shapeshifter to automatically change your shape.

Please follow the directions provided by your preferred product to set up your RLV folders to allow an automatic change of shapes.

Gestational shapes fit only tack made expressly for a given shape/gestational month.  Rigged tack that fits the body not expressly made for the gestational bodies will not fit the gestational bodies correctly.

Each gestational body includes a little surprise. Please check them out closely!

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