Second Life is Having a Party….and You’re Invited!


It’s been almost 13 years since the first avatars walked the grid in Second Life, and we’re prepared to celebrate with our community-hosted birthday party! Spanning 17 sims with over 200 individual exhibitors, five venues for performances and hundreds of residents participating from all over the world to put this bash together, the SL13B is gearing up!


The party gets started on Sunday, June 19th at 12 noon SLT, and *Elite Equestrian* has an exhibit space in the SL13B Spectacular region.


Here’s some of the things you can do at our exhibit – take your commemorative picture on the stadium or hunter jumps and put them in a keepsake souvenir frame; hunt for prizes for our 13-prize mini hunt; practice Haute Ecole with our FREE Cubabian avatar; and learn about the RealHorse, Dressage in SL and the Sidesaddle Society. Oh, yes, and for the RealHorse visitors, we have a special opportunity to receive an occasional, totally random gift of a new, exclusive coat for your RealHorse.


Last but not least, we’re also participating in  the SL13BIG HUNT. The hunt includes 70 exhibitors in SL13B and spans all the sims with gifts to be found in niches and corners. If you see a parcel displaying the SL13BIG HUNT poster, you are sure to find a gift.


Please join us in SL13B Spectacular, parcel #14.



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