SL13B Starts Today at 12 noon SLT!


And you are invited!

The *E* RealHorse exhibit “The Shared Adventure of Horse Sports” is located at SL13B Spectacular, in the same sim with Designing Worlds and the Phoenix-Firestorm project.

Things you can do at our exhibit – find all 13 of the mini-hunt objects; find our Big Hunt prize; take your picture(s) on the jump pose stands and make a commemorative souvenir picture with our special event frame; get the FREE Cubabian box horse avatar; get the event gift and of course, last but not least, loiter in your finest RealHorse and be admired by our visitors.


What else – well, during the week we will be randomly giving away coats to loitering RealHorses.  How can you win? You have to be on the parcel when one of the officers is there and you must be in your RealHorse (any breed). Winners will be chosen at random, every 15 minutes or so. See you there!

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