New Today, the Gorean Kaiila

Snapshot _ Oasis of Farad - Gorean village in the heart of the.png

We are pleased to announce the release of the ~LP~ Kaiila, the gorean riding beast.

This full-featured avatar includes the complete avatar with modeled tongue and giant bite-y fangs, unique sounds, rigged mesh saddle, riding halter and girths; 4 coats (black, white, mole and tawny), 6 eye colors (blue, orange, gold and 3 shades of green), texture scripted mane/forelock/tail, riding system with space for 1 creature, 1 warrior and 2 captives, full gesture HUD with unique vocal sounds and claw/rearing animations as well as nonfunctional PG genitals (both genders).

This is a new avatar rigged to our RealHorse rig.  This means that our RealHorse animations will mostly work with the Kaiila (but test first!) but other RealHorse products such as coats and tack, will not.  All of the RealHorse Eye texture sets will work with the Kaiila.

On the Marketplace and in our in-world, Cherry Island store.



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