Introducing the RealHorse Gypsy Vanner

We are pleased to announce the new RealHorse Gypsy Vanner. Our Vanner is a broad-beamed, roly-poly, 16-hand-tall Section B horse. The Vanner comes with removable rigged mega feathers with a 5-texture option applier HUD, flexi mane & tail with custom hair textures especially for the Vanner, special heavy horse trot and canter in the AO and riding system, unrigged breast collar harness & bridle and English saddle and bridle plus two functional vehicles (Primrose Wagon and Gig). Our new Vanner also comes with 2 full coat HUDs that include 13 Tobiano paint coats and 14 Splash Overo coats, only available with the Gypsy Vanner.

The new Elite RealHorse Gypsy Vanner will be available very soon on the Marketplace and in our in-world, Cherry Island store.



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