New Today, the RealHorse Trakehner Horse Avatar


The new *E* RealHorse™ Trakehner is a highly detailed mesh quad avatar with both breed and gender differentiation built in. This 15.2 hand horse comes with 26 coats (13 dapple gray, 13 classic bay) each with the traditional “Trakehner” breed brand on its left hip.

Designed to be simple and easy to use, the RealHorse™comes with a full AO, gesture HUD, riding system, texture HUDs for additional coat options, and nonfunctional genitalia.

To unpack your new RealHorse Trakehner, simply wear its delivery box and click it.

It will place a labeled folder in your inventory. Drag and drop the entire folder onto yourself. Alternately, right click and select Replace Current Outfit.

You will find yourself wearing your horse body, eyes, eyelids, ears, tongue, appropriate shape, alpha layer, AO, texture-scripted manes, texture-scripted tail, texture-scripted forelock, gender-appropriate genitals, gesture HUD, and an ‘Extras’ HUD.

Click the ‘Extras’ HUD to put a second folder full of goodies into your inventory. Detach the Extras HUD and file it away to save a copy.

Your Extras folder includes: two multi-coat texture HUDs; an eye texture HUD; a builder’s pose stand, genital texture HUD, unrigged tack including an English Saddle, an English Bridle, a Western Saddle, a Western Bridle, a mesh Halter, a Primrose Wagon, two riding systems (one RH adjusted, one competitive with BC/WH) + a riding system rezzer.

We have added new functionality to the RealHorse Trakehner, including the ability to rez a riding system, builder’s pose stand, and cart from the gesture HUD; added a builder’s pose to the HUD to enable easy tack tweaks and other modifications; added 3 new full body animations (Mid Rear, High Rear, Kick-Buck); added an ‘Extras’ button on the HUD, to let people redeliver their texture HUDs for their breed easily and at any time and lastly, added expansion buttons for the new Sitting Pretty Gesture HUD.


We have also updated the riding system to make it more stable and easier to use, and made some small fixes, including placing the hoof dusters in the Extras.

The *E* RealHorse is currently available in 11 breeds of horse, each in mare and stallion avatars. Each has unique body curves and sizes. All of our rigged tack and accessories flow and hug the body with these  different breeds. Our rigged tack and accessories is rigged to accentuate the realism and flow of these beautiful horses.  To ensure the best experience with the new Trakehner, we highly recommend you leave the basic shape alone. Changing the base shape will change how tack fits.


Trakehner Sweepstakes Race Results

Heat #1 Results

1st place:  Talinii
2nd place: Flare1127
3rd place: Ninesx99 Resident
4th place:  Rune
5th place:  Lara Silverblade
6th place: Beauty Appletor
7th place: Luna420 Wylder

Congrats to Talinii who advances to the final race.

Heat #2 Results

1st place:  Rune
2nd place: Ninesx99 Resident
3rd place: Beauty Appletor
4th place:  Lara Silverblade
5th place: Flare1127
6th place: TaraThornton Resident
7th place: Luna420 Wylder

Congrats to Rune who advances to the final race.

Heat #3 Results

1st place: Ninesx99 Resident
2nd place: flare1127 Resident
3rd place:  Michanne
4th place: Beauty Appletor
5th place:  Lara Silverblade
6th place: Chelseaquinn
7th place: Annalise101

Congrats to Ninesx99 who advances to the final race.

Heat #4 Results

1st place: Beauty Appletor
2nd place: flare1127 Resident
3rd place: Lara Silverblade
4th place: Ura Edenflower
5th place:  Michanne
6th place: Chelseaquinn

Congrats to Beauty Appletor who advances to the final race.

Heat #5 Results

1st place: Ura Edenflower
2nd place: Lara Silverblade
3rd place: Annalise101 Resident
4th place: RavenVilkas
5th place: Gwendolyn Gracemount
—— Unfinished ——-

Congrats to Ura Edenflower who advances to the final race.

Heat #6 Results

1st place: TasteLikeCardboard
2nd place: RavenVilkas
3rd place: Lara Silverblade RH FSN Steeple
4th place: Annalise101
5th place: EliteEquestrian Resident
6th place: KroNycrow
: —— Unfinished ——-
Gwendolyn Gracemount

Congrats to TasteLikeCardboard who advances to the final race.

Heat #7 Results

1st place: Alexandra Moriguchi
2nd place: Obzi
3rd place: Gwendolyn Gracemount
4th place: Lara Silverblade
5th place: Annalise101
6th place: Ouija Mistwalker
7th place: RavenVilkas

Congrats to Alexandra Moriguchi who advances to the final race.

Stakes Heat for the First Copy of the RealHorse Trakehner


  • Talinii
  • Rune
  • Ninesx99
  • Beauty Appletor
  • Ura Edenflower
  • TasteLikeCardboard
  • Alexandra Moriguchi

Stakes Race Results

1st place: Talinii Resident
2nd place: Oukume Resident
3rd place: Ura Edenflower
4th place: Ninesx99
5th place: Beauty Appletor
6th place: TasteLikeCardboard
—— Unfinished ——-
Alexandra Moriguchi

Congrats to Talinii Resident who wins Trakehner #1!

Race to Win the NEW RealHorse Trakehner!


Race to win the first RealHorse Trakehner on Saturday, August 27!

The Great Trakehner Steeplechase will take place in a series of 7 1-lap heats with the winners of those heats dropping out of the next competitions, and advancing to the final race of the day. Winner of the final race will win Trakehner #1, the first Trakehner released on the SL Grid.

To compete, you must be a member of the Second Life ~RealHorse VIP~ or Elite Riding Academy groups and have access to the Elite Riding Academy.  Horses must run without riders, must have tack and hair.

There is no charge to enter, just show up at the heat of your choice to enter.  Priority for entry will be given to avatars who have not yet run; if space is available then previous racers may enter a given heat.  Winners of the trial heats must be present to compete at the final 2-lap race of the day at 5pm SLT. The grand winner will receive Trakehner #1, places 1-3 will receive award plaques.

Races take place at the Elite Riding Academy sim in Tamarillo Island and will start PROMPTLY at the scheduled time. The Academy will be locked at five minutes to the hour to prevent lag spikes from last minute drop-ins.

Each heat is limited to no more than 7 races and it is first come, first choose as far as position selection goes.Visitors may be requested to leave the Academy if there is a space or resource issue.

Schedule of racing heats:

  1. 10 am
  2. 10:30 am
  3. 11:00 am
  4. 11:30 am


  1. 3:00 pm
  2. 3:30 pm
  3. 4:00 pm

FINAL RACE 5:00 pm

The RealHorse Trakehner is our newest horse breed and will release Sunday August 28.