Race to Win the NEW RealHorse Trakehner!


Race to win the first RealHorse Trakehner on Saturday, August 27!

The Great Trakehner Steeplechase will take place in a series of 7 1-lap heats with the winners of those heats dropping out of the next competitions, and advancing to the final race of the day. Winner of the final race will win Trakehner #1, the first Trakehner released on the SL Grid.

To compete, you must be a member of the Second Life ~RealHorse VIP~ or Elite Riding Academy groups and have access to the Elite Riding Academy.  Horses must run without riders, must have tack and hair.

There is no charge to enter, just show up at the heat of your choice to enter.  Priority for entry will be given to avatars who have not yet run; if space is available then previous racers may enter a given heat.  Winners of the trial heats must be present to compete at the final 2-lap race of the day at 5pm SLT. The grand winner will receive Trakehner #1, places 1-3 will receive award plaques.

Races take place at the Elite Riding Academy sim in Tamarillo Island and will start PROMPTLY at the scheduled time. The Academy will be locked at five minutes to the hour to prevent lag spikes from last minute drop-ins.

Each heat is limited to no more than 7 races and it is first come, first choose as far as position selection goes.Visitors may be requested to leave the Academy if there is a space or resource issue.

Schedule of racing heats:

  1. 10 am
  2. 10:30 am
  3. 11:00 am
  4. 11:30 am


  1. 3:00 pm
  2. 3:30 pm
  3. 4:00 pm

FINAL RACE 5:00 pm

The RealHorse Trakehner is our newest horse breed and will release Sunday August 28.

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