New Today, the Advanced Dressage and the Bearing Reins Head HUDs

On the Marketplace and in our in-world, Cherry Island store, the new Advanced Dressage HUD with 8 unique animations and the Bearing Reins Head HUD with 5 unique animations. Animations included with the Dressage HUD are left and right Cantered Pirouette, Left & Right Trotted Half Pass, Left & Right Cantered Half Pass, Left & Right Shoulder-In.  Try before you buy in our in-world, Cherry Island store.


Percheron Cross Country Competition Results

A fierce group of competitors turned out on Sunday, September 18 to jump for the grand prizes of Percheron #1 on the grid. We are pleased to announced the results of this competition below. Congratulations to all of our competitors, and big congratulations to our first place winner, Talinii, who presented a final score of a scorching 219.195700 seconds on the score board, with a flawless no-fault run.


First Place is Talinii with 219.195700 seconds

Second Place is Rune with 224.250400 seconds

Third Place is Sutra Royale with 224.250400 seconds

Fourth Place is Feldgrau with 233.118100 seconds

Fifth Place is Prince Charming with 240.485300 seconds

Sixth Place is Esme with 247.67100 seconds


We Are Pleased to Announce the Release of the RealHorse Percheron


We are pleased to announce the release of our first draft horse breed, the show style Percheron, which will be available for sale at 6 pm SLT on our Marketplace store and in-world in our Cherry Island store.

This tall, heavy beauty is a show style draft horse and stands 19.5 hands tall. This new breed includes a number of new features and as with all of our breeds, includes unique features of its own.


The Percheron comes with removable modifiable rigged mesh feathers with texture scripting with 84 texture options. Click upper left front or back leg to change upper and lower feathers.  The Percheron also comes with a full flexi mane/tail set with 84 unique texture options, unrigged body harness & bridle, unrigged English saddle & bridle, rigged reins,  and two functional vehicles (Gig and primrose wagon). The RealHorse Percheron includes special draft-style stands and heavy horse trot and canter in its AO.

Gesture Hud2.JPG

We have added new functionality to the gesture HUD for this breed, including 4 leg lifts for roleplay, bearing rein head positions, a ‘carrying things’ mouth animation, 2 special photography poses just for this horse, as well as rezzer buttons for the included gig, riding system, builder’s pose stand, and an ‘extras’ button with texture HUDs and the release tack.

percheron black.gif

The *E* RealHorse™ features:

* Genuine breed differentiation in the models;
* Built-in gender differentiation;
* Accurately modeled teeth, tongue and mouth;
* Fluid, flexible, even more carefully weighted mesh that moves ‘like a real horse’;
* Physically modeled chestnuts, tendons, muscle grooves, hocks, knees, frogs/bars on hooves;
* Accuracy in sizing;
* Smooth, accurate gaits and animations;
* Correct static bits included with the base horse;
* Careful use of diffuse, normal and specular maps to enhance the real, accurate look and feel of the horse. (Look for the ribs, the muscles, and sinews using your Second Life Advanced Lighting Model!)


The *E* RealHorse™ base horse (PG Version) includes:

* The basic gendered breed horse (mare or stallion) with rigged ears, eyes, tongue, shape, alpha;
* Full basic AO with walk, heavy horse trot, both leads of heavy horse canter and gallop, Spanish walk, Olympic show jump, 5 different stands, park out, 3 different typing animations, a correct reverse, flying, hovering and swimming animations
*Gesture HUD including 9 photo poses, 23 full body animations, 6 head position animations, 2 bearing rein head position animations, 1 ‘holding things’ mouth animation, 19 unique horse calls, breath and ear and eye controls; pee/road apple control, 4 leg lifts for RP, a built-in builder’s pose stand, and the ability to rez a builder’s pose stand, riding system and gig plus an ‘extras’ delivery button
* 26 breed-appropriate coat options, 13 light dapple gray and 13 dark dapple gray coats.
* 6 eye textures in handy applier;
* Rigged static bits for PG RP (Gender appropriate)
* Cold Weather Snorty Breath
* Basic riding system with the ability to jump in skyboxes;
* Unrigged tack including an English dressage saddle & bridle; Breast collar harness & bridle, and mesh halter; Rigged Reins
* Functional Gig and Primrose Wagon;
* Riding system rezzer with riding system, gig and wagon included;
* Right & left side manes, forelock and swishing tail with texture-scripting with 84 hair options to choose from;
* Rigged, modifiable Feathers with 84 texture options for both upper and lower feathers;
The *E* RealHorse™ is designed to be simple and easy to use: Wear the delivery box, click it, and then wear everything in the folder that the delivery puts in your inventory. That’s it. No set up, no fuss.

Each RealHorse™ breed comes with breed-appropriate coat options with multiple marking choices. Just wear the coat HUD and click the skin/marking option of your choice. Again, it’s simple and easy to use.


All scripting, animations and sounds are copy/no mod. Horse itself is copy/no mod, except eyelids (tint your eyelashes as you please). Bits are copy/mod; Appliers are copy/no mod; HUDs, AO and riding systems are copy/mod.

**** Please note that drafters were bred to pull large things and weren’t really bred to jump. Because we know many people will want to jump their new Percheron, we’ve included a jumping animation pairing in the riding system. The rider and horse jump animations are not synced for this horse. If this is a concern for you, please do not buy this horse. *******

Jump to Win the #1 RealHorse Percheron on the Grid!


Join us at Equine Island on Sunday, September 18th, 12 noon SLT to compete over the Equine Island Fall Cross Country Course to win the first official copy of our newest RealHorse breed, the Percheron.  The lucky winner will receive the very first copy of this avatar on the spot, and will be the only owner of the Percheron for 24-48 hours.

Rules are simple –

  • Competitors must wear hair/saddle/bridle;
  • Riders are not necessary
  • Complete all the jumps on the course
  • Winner is determined by the lowest score (Faults + Time) on the score board
  • There is no entry fee
  • Entrants must be RealHorse avatars

We strongly urge practice over this course as it is 44 obstacles long with several tricky turns. Equine Island is owned by A1irca and Neternal Resident, who are graciously sharing their beautifully created cross country course with Elite Equestrian for this occasion.

Percheron Steeplechase
Sunday, September 18
12 noon SLT

To go to Equine Island and Practice and Compete, click here!