*Elite Equestrian* at the Spoonful of Sugar Festival


858115dd10b2cea337f7fb04eae81035.jpgWe are super pleased to be a premium sponsor for the Spoonful of Sugar Festival benefiting the Doctors Without Borders, a humanitarian charitable organization dedicated to providing medical care to people in countries who would otherwise be unserved, without regards to race, creed, religion, gender or other factors.Spoonful of Sugar MSF Ad.png

As part of our participation, we have some great things we’ve made that we will offer for sale with 50-100% of the proceeds going to MSF/DWB.  We also have a great mini-hunt, and the opportunity for people to come enjoy the RealHorses in a fun environment.

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We have 3 horse-drawn carriages in the Center Stage for visitors to ride, as well as pony rides, a jump course and carts for  horse-drawn drives throughout the breedable sim.


We have created some great things, including TWO very special One of a Kind items being sold at the Auction Path. Check out all these great things…

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And set your calendar for Friday, September 9, 2016, and join us at the Spoonful of Sugar Festival!






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