Jump to Win the #1 RealHorse Percheron on the Grid!


Join us at Equine Island on Sunday, September 18th, 12 noon SLT to compete over the Equine Island Fall Cross Country Course to win the first official copy of our newest RealHorse breed, the Percheron.  The lucky winner will receive the very first copy of this avatar on the spot, and will be the only owner of the Percheron for 24-48 hours.

Rules are simple –

  • Competitors must wear hair/saddle/bridle;
  • Riders are not necessary
  • Complete all the jumps on the course
  • Winner is determined by the lowest score (Faults + Time) on the score board
  • There is no entry fee
  • Entrants must be RealHorse avatars

We strongly urge practice over this course as it is 44 obstacles long with several tricky turns. Equine Island is owned by A1irca and Neternal Resident, who are graciously sharing their beautifully created cross country course with Elite Equestrian for this occasion.

Percheron Steeplechase
Sunday, September 18
12 noon SLT

To go to Equine Island and Practice and Compete, click here!

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