New Today, Glitzier Dressage Saddle Set



New today on the Marketplace and in our in-world Cherry Island store, the Glitzier Dressage Saddle set for the RealHorse Straight Egyptian Arabian and the Friesian. Texture scripted with tons of options including 24 leather, 16 gem, 16 metal, 12 pad, and 32 trim options for literally hundreds of combinations.  Click to call menu to change options. Copy/mod; scripting copy/no mod.


New Today, the V2.0 POA Pony


The new *E* RealHorse™ POA Pony is a highly detailed mesh quad avatar with both breed and gender differentiation built in. This 12.1 hand horse comes with 26 coats (13 dapple gray, 13 classic bay) each with the traditional “Trakehner” breed brand on its left hip.

Designed to be simple and easy to use, the RealHorse™comes with a full AO, gesture HUD, riding system, texture HUDs for additional coat options, and nonfunctional genitalia.
To unpack your new RealHorse POA Pony, simply wear its delivery box and click it.

It will place a labeled folder in your inventory. Drag and drop the entire folder onto yourself. Alternately, right click and select Replace Current Outfit.


You will find yourself wearing your horse body, eyes, eyelids, ears, tongue, appropriate shape, alpha layer, AO, texture-scripted manes, texture-scripted tail, texture-scripted forelock, gender-appropriate genitals, and an gesture HUD.

Click the ‘Extras’ HUD to put a second folder full of goodies into your inventory. Detach the Extras HUD and file it away to save a copy.

Your Extras button on the HUD includes: two multi-coat texture HUDs; an eye texture HUD; a builder’s pose stand, genital texture HUD, unrigged tack including an English Saddle, an English Bridle, a Western Saddle, a Western Bridle, a mesh Halter, a Primrose Wagon, a riding system + a riding system rezzer.


We have added new functionality to the RealHorse POA Pony, including the ability to rez a riding system, builder’s pose stand, and cart from the gesture HUD; added a builder’s pose to the HUD to enable easy tack tweaks and other modifications; added 3 new full body animations (Mid Rear, High Rear, Kick-Buck); added 4 leg lifts and 2 bearing rein animations and an open mouth animation for ‘carrying’ things; added an ‘Extras’ button on the HUD to make it easier for people to find their extras and lastly, added expansion buttons for the new Sitting Pretty and Pony Roll & Lay Gesture HUDs.

We have also updated the riding system to make it more stable and easier to use, and made some small fixes, including placing the hoof dusters in the Extras.


The *E* RealHorse is currently available in 12 breeds of horse, each in mare and stallion avatars. Each has unique body curves and sizes. All of our rigged tack and accessories flow and hug the body with these  different breeds. Our rigged tack and accessories is rigged to accentuate the realism and flow of these beautiful horses.  To ensure the best experience with the new POA Pony, we highly recommend you leave the basic shape alone. Changing the base shape will change how tack fits.

Purchase the POA Pony Stallion from Marketplace.

Purchase the POA Pony Mare from Marketplace.

Pumpkin Patch Gacha, October 7-31


At the Elite Riding Academy sim in Tamarillo Island, a great gacha or the horses with 24 Halloween Pinto coats, 12 Halloween eyes, 11 photography pose HUDs as commons, 6 stable seats and 6 mini/Falabella Princess beds as rares, and a zombie mod set and 2 functional Gypsy Caravans as ultra rares.  All for the RealHorse, of course.



Photography Poses:

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