RealHorse Hackney Pony Raffles!


Here’s your chance to win one of the first 3 Hackney Ponies on the grid! Hackney Pony #1 and #2 raffles are open to all and you may enter as many times as you wish. Each entry costs $100L.


Hackney #3 raffle is limited to members of the RealHorse VIP group; there is no charge to enter and entries are limited to 1/eligible avatar.  Wear your group tag to enter the Hackney #3 raffle.

The RealHorse Hackney includes a special ‘gaited’ AO with hackney stands, walk, trot, canter and a crouch park, as well as 26 coats, unrigged english saddle/bridle; harness/bridle, halter and riding system and cart.

The RealHorse Hackney will be our last v2 RealHorse. V3 is in process and will be Bento-enabled breeds of the RealHorse.  There is no established release date yet, just early in 2016.


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