Winter Festival Final Totals, $70,550L on behalf of Toys For Tots


We are super pleased to announce the final totals for our Winter Festival on behalf of Toys For Tots.  Our ABC Pony sales, Live Auction and more generated a final figure of $70,550 L, all of which was directly donated to Toys For Tots.  This means that more than 140 real life children will receive a present on Christmas day.


We were delighted to partner with A1irca and Neternal of Equine Island, who graciously provided sim space and much more in presenting this event.  A big thanks to all who came out in support of this event, and bid on some of the very fine ABC ponies, especially to those of you crazy Red and Blue Dala lovers who bid those babies up.  Thank you to all who donated time, materials, energy and of course, Linden dollars, especially Rahid1 for donating a Blue Dala, Peabo Alderbury who offered space at Four Seasons for a follow sale of a lovely Red Dala.  Thank you to our sleigh horses, Tejanaa, Elusive Melody, and Quivex and our hot walker ponies Se Leva and Charger.


And above all, a really massive thank you to Cherry Lastchance, whose fine artistic eye would be seen through the Festival and whose creative efforts put together the stunningly gorgeous Winter Festival build in a jaw-dropping 2 1/2 days.

If you missed visiting the Winter Festival, it will remain open through December and can be visited during the Tour of Lights.  Stop in and buy a sleigh for your RealHorse or your ABC pony, or try the Christmas Tree hunt.


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