Grand Re-Opening of Cherry Island


We’ve completed the overhaul of Cherry Island and are pleased to announce our re-opening of the region! Home of the Elite Equestrian RealHorse and ~Ladies’ Pleasure~, our two sims (Cherry Island and Tamarillo Island, home of White Horse Hollow) have a fresh new look.

As part of our celebrations, we will be presenting dressage exhibitions in our unique new dressage Court; holding a special Enchantment Hunt with 24 gifts hidden throughout our sims (Cherry Island & Tamarillo Island); offering 3 One of a Kind RealHorse coat raffles; special limited-time sales; offering a new gacha, and of course, rides on our special Real Horse Ramblers, which is a new service available for property owners.

*Enchantment Hunt*
Pick up the notecard of hints for the Enchantment Hunt, which includes gifts for the Princes, Princess and Horses amongst you. 24 gifts are hidden throughout our sims (12 on Cherry Island, 12 in White Horse Hollow on Tamarillo Island). Wear your *Elite Equestrian* group tag and simply click the hunt object to receive the gift.

Grandeopening CherryIsalnd

*One of a Kind (OOAK) RealHorse Coat Raffles*
Cherry has created 3 gorgeous one of a kind coats only available through this raffle. The Shimmer Leopard coat is free to enter for *Elite Equestrian* group members, just wear your tag and click the logo. The Classic Leopard and the Lucky Leopard cost 25L to enter and you may enter as many times as you wish. Remember, these coats will never be offered for sale, so the 3 lucky winners will be the only ones to own these coats. Raffle lasts 1 week, till next Monday morning.

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Current owners of RealHorse avatars receive 50% off of the purchase of any additional RealHorse avatars now through Sunday July 16th. Simply wear your ~RealHorse VIP~ group tag and pay the 2nd (lower) price to receive 1/2 off the list price of any of our RealHorse avatars! This offer is limited only to previous purchasers of the RealHorse avatar and you MUST be a member of the ~RealHorse VIP~ group. This offer is only valid in-world on our avatar vendors. Gift cards may not be used. You may use your discount to gift to friends or an alt through the vendors. If you missed your VIP Group invitation, please send your transaction data via IM to H0neyHeart or EliteEquestrian. Allow up to 24 hours for a response (we’re super busy right now).

A super cute new unrigged animated mesh wing gacha – just like our wings on our RealHorse Pegasus Ramblers. Just 50L a pull, no rares, 20 colors to win. Wings include resizer scripts and are no copy/no mod/transfer.


*RealHorse Ramblers*
RealHorse Ramblers are our most recent innovation! Come check out our specialty installations, including our Cinderella carriages with 4-in-hand hitches, articulated to carefully follow the curves and hills of a pathway, or ride a Pegasus rambler through its corkscrew path over both of our regions, or bring a date for a relaxing hands-free ride through our beautiful holistic caves.

Did you miss the grand Summer Rose Ball? While you are here, sign up with our events subscribo which does not require a group slot to stay up to date on our various events so you do not miss future events!

Here’s some of the coverage from the Rose Ball:

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