Weekly Jump Competition!


Starting Sunday, August 30, a weekly RealHorse jumping competition for the RealHorses.

Simple rules, in Black & White:

1. This is a RealHorse only competition using provided jump systems (located in the green horse).
2. Jump as many times as you wish during the week.
3. Lowest scores win based on time + faults.
4. Score board only records ONE high score per competitor.
5. Competition opens each Sunday at 4 pm and runs 7 days to the next Sunday at 12 noon, so you have 7 full days to put up a score.
6. Awards are made on Sunday 12:00 noon SLT.
7. Ribbon photo plaques presented to 1st-6th places. First place receives a trophy.
8. If you aren’t sure about something, ask other competitors. They are a friendly bunch for the most part.
9. Other makes/models of horses cannot compete. We make the RealHorse so obviously we are presenting RealHorse-only competitions.

About cheating:
Let’s all be cool and exhibit our best sportsmanship.

This means:

Don’t block the course or camp on it to prevent others from competing. If you do, you will be punted.

If you tattletale, you will lose access to Cherry Island.

If you ‘cheat’, you’re a loser.

If I see it, you will lose access to Cherry Island.

Basically, I don’t want to hear it, I don’t want to see it. Pretty simple, eh?

Ready to jump? Jump course is located here!


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