Show Jumping Results, October 29, 2017


First Place, Jasmine with 57.747390 seconds

Second Place, Magnus with 58.862140 seconds

Third Place, Beau ridden by AggyMia with 61.787790 seconds

Fourth Place, Rockoe ridden by AggyMia with 61.855820 seconds

Fifth Place, 1MoonlightShadow with 70.106350 seconds

Sixth Place, Tabari with 96.174030 seconds


Live Trick or Treat, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!


[ Free Bird ]’s Live Trick or Treat starts tomorrow, Friday, October 27 from 7-9 pm SLT. We are delighted to be participating for our 3rd year.

This year, our ‘treats’ will be one of three limited Halloween editions of our Elite Equestrian’s toy Quarter Horse in a box. These toy horses are being offered in three colors. “Pumpkin” is a palomino skewbald; “Cauldron” is a piebald, and “Ghost” is a cremello skewbald.


‘Cauldron’ may be obtained by wearing your costume and Trick or Treating at White horse Hollow on Friday night from 7-9 pm.  Don’t let Cauldron’s dark coat fool you, this little mare is as sweet as candy corn! Take her for a ride on your broom or go gallop with the moon, but her favorite thing to do is to help you make your potions! Just make sure to pull up a stool so she can watch them brew!


‘Pumpkin’ may be obtained by wearing your costume and Trick or Treating at White horse Hollow on Saturday night from 9-11 pm SLT. This sweet mare can be found galloping through the local pumpkin patch near you. A real trickster, you have to be quick and have a sharp eye to catch this little mare. Or you could just shake a bucket filled with her favorite treat… guessed it! pumpkin seeds!


‘Ghost’ may be obtained by wearing your costume and Trick or Treating at White horse Hollow on Sunday morning from 11 am-1 pm SLT.   If you ever find yourself in a graveyard one night you just might see this ghostly sight. She will whinny and hide waiting for you to catch on that this little mare loves a good game of peek-a-BOO

Please note that each collectible is only available during these specific treating times!


Halloween Events @ White Horse Hollow



It is the hinge and the clasp of the year @ White Horse Hollow!

Join us, Wednesday, October 26 to Friday, November 3rd for our special brand of witches’ brew.

October 26-29, come hunt the treat bowls hidden throughout the White Horse Hollow community. Each bowl contains multiple special treats; you will receive ONE chosen at random from each bowl you treat at. The bowls are reset daily, so revisit to receive multiple treats from each bowl!

On Friday, October 27, from 7-9 pm SLT, we will be again hosting Live Trick or Treat. Come in your fanciest costumes and trick or treat at the Adoption Barn in White Horse Hollow, ride the hay wagon pulled by our Clydesdales, or try out the challenging autumn leaf ride! Our sim will be open to (almost) all, including juveniles, for this special event. All other sim rules do apply, and because this is a mixed use event…keep your clothes on, please 😉

On Monday, October 30, we will be closing the White Horse Hollow sim to the public for a ritual cleansing and purification. If you are not on our guest list or in the Elite Riding Academy Group, you will be unable to access our region from October 30 to November 3rd while we celebrate Samhain.


Samhain Celebrations in White Horse Hollow


You are invited to a Samhain celebration at White Horse Hollow Tuesday, October 31 – November 1st.

Samhain is one of the important cross-quarter days of the Pagan calendar, and is the ‘witches’ New Year’. It is the Clasp and the Gate of the year, the time when the veil between the physical world and the realms beyond is thinnest. It is a time to cast off and banish bad habits, negative sources of energy, and anything that limits. It can also be a time of crossing over for those souls who are ready to transition to the next realm, and a time when wandering spirits may be helped through the veil to the beyond.

In honor of the holiday, we will close White Horse Hollow in Tamarillo all day October 30 for ritual clearing and cleansing. We will partially open the sims on October 31 to Nov 2 to our guest list. Please note that to participate you MUST RSVP so that we can add you to the guest list to enter the sim.

White Horse Hollow will reopen to the general public November 3rd. Cherry Island will remain open to all during these days.

We will be presenting the following activities:

– Lighting of the Balefires

– Tarot Readings (by reservation only)

– Samhain Dance Celebration

– A Guided Meditation to the Lady’s Garden

– Formal Samhain Ritual

The festivities start at Sunset October 31 and continue till Sunset November 1st. We will start with the lighting of the Balefires followed by a formal Samhain Ritual led by Starlight Despres, member of Bards, Ovates, and Druids. We will have dancing in the Stone Circle, Tuesday, October 31 from 6:30-8:00 pm, with music provided by Ktahdn Vesuvino.

Tarot Readings will be scheduled on an individual basis over both days of the holiday.

A Guided Meditation to the Lady’s Garden will be facilitated on Wednesday, November 1st.


Anything from basic Skyclad to your prettiest flowers & jewelry to your best pagan/Wiccan/neo-pagan/elf/etc and anything in between – you get the idea. White Horse Hollow is an adult sim, so please, no children or juvenile avatars, and yes, nudity is quite acceptable.

Presented by Elite Equestrian Events on behalf of the White Horse Hollow denizens. Questions to H0neyHeart Resident or Sillve Resident.