Halloween Events @ White Horse Hollow



It is the hinge and the clasp of the year @ White Horse Hollow!

Join us, Wednesday, October 26 to Friday, November 3rd for our special brand of witches’ brew.

October 26-29, come hunt the treat bowls hidden throughout the White Horse Hollow community. Each bowl contains multiple special treats; you will receive ONE chosen at random from each bowl you treat at. The bowls are reset daily, so revisit to receive multiple treats from each bowl!

On Friday, October 27, from 7-9 pm SLT, we will be again hosting Live Trick or Treat. Come in your fanciest costumes and trick or treat at the Adoption Barn in White Horse Hollow, ride the hay wagon pulled by our Clydesdales, or try out the challenging autumn leaf ride! Our sim will be open to (almost) all, including juveniles, for this special event. All other sim rules do apply, and because this is a mixed use event…keep your clothes on, please 😉

On Monday, October 30, we will be closing the White Horse Hollow sim to the public for a ritual cleansing and purification. If you are not on our guest list or in the Elite Riding Academy Group, you will be unable to access our region from October 30 to November 3rd while we celebrate Samhain.


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